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These were names given to the Spring months at a famous time some hundred years ago, when men in the April folly of their hearts dreamed that they could make all things new.” References myth, fairy tale, legend symbolic of spring, including Pan;…

Two-part poem that discusses Greek goddess Cytherea (often another name for Aphrodite) and the coming of Summer.

celebrates spring, renewal, love: “For the old god Pan hath taken a wife/ And the whole world shares their mirth..."

Handlettered names of the spring months, March, April, May and June, each appear in a framed box above a rectangular plate, encasing a medallion image of the month’s astronomical sign (March: Ram; April: Bull; May: Twins; June: Crab) and the names…

Janet Balfour, a cripple loves a man who loves another, is disappointed in love

Image is of two sphinxes on either side of the Arbor Saeculorum, or the Tree of Life. At the top of the tree on the left side a Phoenix, and on the right is a butterfly. There are two scrolls on either side of the image. Both of them are divided into…