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A Devolution of Terror, decorated page
“King René of Anjou, the laughter-loving Count of Provence, seeking to divert the melancholy of his beloved wife, Jeanne de Laval, turned the old-time-Keltic terror into gay new fetes: the games of the tarasque. These games are still played. The…

A Forerunner, decorated page
Part I: "A Forerunner"--12 quatrains aabb
Part II: "The Meeting of Spring and Summer"--16 sestets, ababab

A Procession of Causes, decorated page
The poem celebrates spring, renewal, love: “For the old god Pan hath taken a wife/ And the whole world shares their mirth..."

A Summer Air, decorated page
5 8-line stanzas, ababcdcd

decorated page

Amel and Penhor, decorated page
Recounts a story of Saint Malo, in northern Brittany, and its legend of a Great Flood. Penhor, daughter of Bud, was wife of Amel, who tended the flocks of Annan, the great seigneur; Childless Penhor weaves a veil for Holy Mary; gets the baby she…

An Evening in June, decorated page
Janet Balfour, a cripple loves a man who loves another, and is disappointed in love

Evergreen V1146.jpg
Image shows two sphinxes on either side of the Arbor Saeculorum, or the Tree of History. At the top of the tree on the left side is a Phoenix, and on the right is a butterfly. There are two scrolls on either side of the image. Each is divided into…

Awakenings in History, decorated page
Describes series of “awakenings” in Europe, caused by introduction of foreign ideas by Romans, Goths, Arabs