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The Song of the Women decorated page
Poem, 3 voices singing together

Poem, quatrain in ABAB rhyme scheme

SAVOYV1o_colophon_p174 (1).png
Publisher’s Colophon
The colophon is in portrait orientation, boxed in by a double-lined rectangular border. Plain banners run across the bottom and top of the image. Printed at the top is “LEONARD” [caps], and at the bottom is printed…

The Three Musicians decorated page
poem , 8 quintets in ABABB rhyme scheme

The Megalithic Builders, decorated page
“…so far as the main theme of this essay is concerned, let any one who cares for it see what he can make out for himself not only of the history of Scotland, but of the life and thought of its People, from the speaking stones of Stirling, which…

The Best of All , decorated page
4 quatrains: good things in life = wine, women, friendship; but only thing to count on is friend

The Black Month, decorated page
Author's Note: In parts of Brittany it is the belief that on the Eve of All Souls, the Dead are permitted to return to the world; but that, being shapeless and voiceless, they enter into the bodies of the beggars who are called by the people the '…

The Story of Castaille Dubh, decorated page
tale of The Black Castle, Athole hills, in Scotland, during civil war. Earl of Athole loses possession, earldom bestowed upon an alien from the south, Sir Walter Stewart, who abuses the people; “With the New Year came one Uninvited…