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3 black birds (crows?), each with a spade-shaped leaf in its beak, fly upwards to top left corner

1. from Athens, circa 357 BC ; 2 from Norway, circa 145 BC, written by a woman; 3. from Jerusalem, 8th year of governance of Pontius Pilate; 4. Edinburgh, Easter 1887--all about the coming of spring

Epigraph from Atalanta in Calydon; in winter “the merciless north wind scourged the land, and wrung from men’s hearts a confusion of cries and threatenings, which he caught up and carried abroad”; --crisis averted by arrival of Spring the…

Janet Balfour, a cripple loves a man who loves another, is disappointed in love

Man touched by the fairies sees only beauty

An unborn child that is scared to leave the safety of the womb in order to enter the world.