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Two short verses. Above the verses "he loves me - loves me not" is written. The first verse discusses love, asking "who would not love..." The second verse discusses dreaming, and begins "who would not dream..."

Recognizing the changes in the world that happen as the seasons change from Spring to Summer.

An unborn child that is scared to leave the safety of the womb in order to enter the world.

Three-part essay that interprets how people behave and interact within a larger community. Pays particular attention to the idea of growth.

Poem depicts the changing of the seasons from Spring to Summer.

A religious poem that depicts a storm from Heaven.

Prose piece in which the narrator travels to the Holy Island to come to terms with his or her grief and questions the "perfect order" of life.

Two-part poem that depicts the magical qualities of the ocean.

Thomson argues that "life is rhythmic and is punctuated by the seasons" (19). He argues that Summer is the time of intensest life. This was a piece done in each of the four volumes concerning the corresponding season.