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printer's colophon


Edinburgh // T & A Constable //Printers to her Majesty / / 1895.


Boxed in an ornate decorative frame with the four winds blowing from each corner is a central medallion showing a large sailing ship at sea, flying three flags. The medallion is surrounded by ornamental banners with the Latin motto: Firma Pererrat Aquas Et Constabilutar Eundo [trans: Something firm wanders through water and is made stable by moving, a paradox that play on "stable" and "firm" with respect to Constable's name and company, while also possibly alluding to the idea of moveable type making texts stable]


Pattrick Geddes & Colleagues


Spring 1895


Public Domain
Source: 1) Ryerson University Library Archives and Special Collections; 2) Private Collection (Dennis Denisoff)


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