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  • Collection: The Evergreen: A Northern Seasonal - Volume 1

The Bandruidh, decorated page
Song with voices of Bandruidh and various HIghland airs

La Littérature Nouvelle en France, decorated page
The essay, in French, analyzes three characteristics of recent literature: the bankruptcy of pseudo-science; the bankruptcy of naturalism; and the renaissance of idealism.

Awakenings in History, decorated page
Describes series of “awakenings” in Europe, caused by introduction of foreign ideas by Romans, Goths, Arabs

Spring in Languedoc, decorated page
Spring comes less dramatically to Provence. Essay focuses on the appearance of the narcissus: with its scent comes “the Everlasting Past, a rustle of the Wind of Death." The essay references troubadours and love songs; quotes an Old French ballad.

The Return, decorated page
Epigraph from Atalanta in Calydon; in winter “the merciless north wind scourged the land, and wrung from men’s hearts a confusion of cries and threatenings, which he caught up and carried abroad”; --crisis averted by arrival of Spring the…

The Crows, decorated page
Crows are figured as harbingers of spring

From Four Easter Letters, decorated page
1. from Athens, circa 357 BC ; 2 from Norway, circa 145 BC, written by a woman; 3. from Jerusalem, 8th year of governance of Pontius Pilate; 4. Edinburgh, Easter 1887--all about the coming of spring

Day and Night, decorated page
Two verses of three lines each

Lengthening Days, decorated page
story of couple who go to live in a log cabin in the woods to observe spring; he’s an artist, like Nature: “First of its ornaments were the tiny creeping birds….”; quotes a Gaelic song about swans singing (trans in fn); Mark’s best picture…

Old English Spring, decorated page
Adapted from Harleian ms 2253, circa 1200. Lyric apostrophizing the Northwind
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