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Winter, decorated page
Winter personifed: "His shoulder mighty as a mountain boulder”; “The kiss of his cold lip/Is good”

Under the Rowans, decorated page
5 lyric quatrains, aabb
-lyric speaker laments lover buried under the rowans
“my heart is a lonely hunter that hunts on a lonely hill”

Under a Purple Cloud, decorated page
10 quatrains, aabb

The Warning of Cuculain, decorated page
seven 6-line stanzas, abcccb

The Unborn, decorated page
Dialogue between a child and his unborn brother

The Three Musicians decorated page
poem , 8 quintets in ABABB rhyme scheme

The Story of Castaille Dubh, decorated page
tale of The Black Castle, Athole hills, in Scotland, during civil war. Earl of Athole loses possession, earldom bestowed upon an alien from the south, Sir Walter Stewart, who abuses the people; “With the New Year came one Uninvited…