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Christmas Alms, decorated page
Author's Note: The following story, of which I here give a translation, is no doubt largely due to the vivid imagination of some itinerant mendicant working in his own interest.

Cobweb Hall, decorated page
A Berwickshire Folk-tale about a house that is shunned rather than haunted. Lived in by an eccentric single woman, Miss Clinscales, with an obsequious man servant. She is found dead one morning by maid, with her throat cut; a large amount of money is…

Day and Night, decorated page
Two verses of three lines each

3 black birds (crows?), each with a spade-shaped leaf in its beak, fly upwards toward the top left corner

Dermots Spring, decorated page
Dermot destroys Murchard O’Byrne, King of Tir-Cullen of Ireland, 25 Nov 1133, and 17 other rivals

Faith’s Avatar, decorated page
single 9-line stanza

Fantasies, decorated page
1) A Year and a Day; 2) A Coincidence