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These were names given to the Spring months at a famous time some hundred years ago, when men in the April folly of their hearts dreamed that they could make all things new.” References myth, fairy tale, legend symbolic of spring, including Pan;…

Thomson argues that "life is rhythmic and is punctuated by the seasons" (19). He argues that Summer is the time of intensest life. This was a piece done in each of the four volumes concerning the corresponding season.

An essay taking Spring and seasons as its theme, celebrating variation and unity: the most harmonious lives in tune with seasonal rhythms of earth—times of effort and rest: “That is the ultimate system in which we live…”; “So, at this…

Biology is first and foremost the study of life, not death; “let us return to…the simple and the natural, the normal and the organic”; “experimental evolution”/”regeneration” is the “Alchemy of Life”—expands to make a…

Death of Professor John Stuart Blackie and the hope of a Celtic revival

Three-part essay that interprets how people behave and interact within a larger community. Pays particular attention to the idea of growth.

Describes series of “awakenings” in Europe, caused by introduction of foreign ideas by Romans, Goths, Arabs