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Reg Beatty's Exhibit (work in progess)

Geddes Sunday Talks Cover.tiff

This exhibit hopes to study the design process involved in The Evergreen A Northern Seasonal. It will examine the structural and physical characteristics (binding, type, etc) and how these relate to The Evergreen's motivating ideas.

The first piece is about how Patrick Geddes' "thinking machines" might relate to The Evergreen.

The second is an image of Geddes' diagram "Notation of Life."

Kaitlyn's Exhibit (work in progress)

A Procession of Causes, initial letter

The first part of this exhibit ("Introduction to the Project") features a brief description of the Database of Ornament project, as well as an introduction into the work that I have contributed. There is also a quick guide to using the database, with examples. 

The second part of this exhibit is a research project that focuses on Patrick Geddes's "Arbor Saeculorum" from the first volume of The Evergreen.